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Welcome to my wonderful world of compassion & healing!


My name is DeWitt, and I am an Angelic Reiki Master, a California State Licensed Massage Therapist ~ graduate of the prestigious National Holistic Institute ~ Sacramento, and a Holistic Health Practitioner.

I have completed 6 levels of Reiki training ~ 4 in Angelic Reiki and 2 in Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki, studying under the wonderful Reiki Master - Janis Kembel, MA, PhD, who has been teaching the Reiki classes at St. Joseph's Medical Center for 16 years!  

Continuously, I strive to increase my knowledge and abilities in the Holistic & Restorative Arts, and to facilitate healing for those in pain & suffering!

It feels great moving in a direction of a higher vibration & frequency, becoming more enlightened, mentally, emotionally, physically, & to be more spiritually connected & attuned to the needs of others!

I am very excited about this chapter of my career-life & look forward to helping as many individuals & families, as I can reach!!

By the way, in case you were wondering...

Ēpiónē is the Greek goddess for the soothing of pain & of healing touch! 

She is the wife of the medicine-god Asklepios and is the mother of the five Asklepiades...Hygeia (Good Health), Panakeia (Cure-All), Iaso (Healing), Aigle (Radiance), and Akeso (Curing).

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