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50 % OFF for each

Client Referral!

To show my gratitude for my clients who refer their family or friends!


15% OFF for 

Loyalty Rewards Members!

Book regular treatments with me, every 2 weeks or less, and receive an automatic discount for each session. 


Not only are you taking better care of your body, you are also saving money in the process! It's a win-win!


Seniors Citizens 

15% OFF!

To show honor to the elders of my community, I offer this discount to anyone age 65+. 



15% Off 

1st Responders,

Law Enforcement &

 Veterans (w/ ID)

(Present & Retired)


15% OFF 

Single Moms

In support of Single Mother's struggling to get by, and juggling far too much. 


15% OFF


In appreciation of Teachers & Professors, for all of their demanding work for our families, I am offering this discount as a reward.  

15% OFF in Celebration of 

Your Birthday!

As my Birthday gift to YOU, to help you celebrate your special day!


Discounts Available for

Qualifying Individuals

Message me if you think one of these discounts applies to you!

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