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Discounts Available for

Qualifying Individuals

Message me if you think one of these discounts applies to you!

50 % OFF for each

Client Referral!

I am eager to grow my new start-up business, thusly am grateful to support my clients who refer me to their family or friends in the area.

To show my gratitude for this service, I am offering this discount.

20% OFF for 

Loyalty Rewards 


Book regular treatments with me, every 2 weeks or less, and receive an automatic discount for each session. 


Not only are you taking better care of your body, you are also saving money in the process! It's a win-win!

Seniors Citizens 

Receive 15% OFF!

To show honor to the elders of my community, I offer this discount to anyone age 65+. 

25% Off for 

1st Responders /

 Veterans (w/ ID)

(Present & Retired)

In honor of our brave protectors, I am offering this discount.  

25% OFF for 

Single Moms

In support of Single Mother's struggling to get by, and juggling far too much, I offer you this discount. 

15% OFF for Teachers!!

In appreciation of Teachers & Professors, for all of their demanding work for our families, I am offering this discount as a reward.  

25% OFF in Celebration of 

Your Birthday!

As my Birthday gift to you, and to help you celebrate your special day, I offer this discount to YOU the Birthday Girl/Guy!  

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