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to review my Policies.

Prices & Promotions are subject to change, any time, with or without advance notice.

I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, within reason.

(Last updated 7/13/22)

Complimentary Enhancements:

  • Aromatherapy
  • "Earthing" Therapy (upon request)
  • Meditational Sound Healing Music (upon request)

The Êpiónê 

Signature Massage

The Signature Massage is my specialty massage and most recommended service!

Combines the modalities of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, & Myofascial Release, for a customized session.

Therapeutic pressure can be applied lightly or deeply, depending on the needs of each individual area of the body.

90 mins ~ $ 120

($140 - Saturdays)

2 hrs ~ $ 160

($180- Saturdays)

Spiritual Energy Healing /Reiki

Spiritual Energy Healing (Reiki) is a hands-on healing technique that uses universal life-forc​e energy to harmonize and balance the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of an individual.

I have completed 6 levels of in-person Reiki training ~ 4 in Angelic Reiki and 2 in Traditional Japanese Usui Reiki.

I am a Certified Angelic Reiki Master and it shows in the quality of my practice. 

After treatments, healing continues to be absorbed at physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, & develops the person at many levels and expands consciousness.

The length of each session varies from case to case, but set aside at least 45 mins for your appointment.

Stand-Alone - $80

($95 - Saturdays)

Add-On - $50

($65 - Saturdays)


Cupping Therapy

This wonderful ancient Chinese & Egyptian tool has found its place in the modern world of healing.

Cups are positioned for a "static" treatment, over the back, legs, glutes, etc, as needed. 

By creating suction and negative pressure, cupping therapy is used to soften tight muscles and tone attachments, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissue, bring hydration, healing nutrients and blood flow to constricted body tissues, and drain excess fluids and toxins by opening lymphatic pathways.

The suction level can range from light to heavy, and can be stimulating or sedating.

Includes an upper body massage at end of session, to assist distribution of released lymph, stagnant blood & toxins.

Stand-Alone Service (60 mins) - $80

($95 - Saturdays)

Add-On Service  (30 mins) - $35

($45 - Saturdays)

The Expectant Goddess Massage

"Making a decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever, to have your heart go walking around outside your body"

~ Elizabeth Stone

My prenatal service, ensures your blooming goddess body is treated to the tenderness it needs as it grows and takes on extra demands, through each stage of your pregnancy.

*** Only available if you are in your Second or Third Trimesters


90 mins ~ $120 

($140 - Saturdays)

2 hrs ~ $ 160

($180- Saturdays)



The use of tuning forks for healing, are based on the principle that everything in the Universe is made of vibration.

Sound Healing is possible because our human bodies are not solid. Our bodies are rhythmic and harmonic. 

"Dis-ease" can indicate we have gone out of tune or vibrational rate of the body has lost its rhythm.

Tuning forks can assist the immune system and help stimulate the body to heal it self.

Because our bodies are made up of water and water conducts sound, the body is an awesome resonator for sound. Sound resonates four times faster in water.

These vibratory sounds travel through the body to help remove energetic blockages, therefore relieving stasis and pain and increasing the flow of Qi.

Using a tuning fork is a wonderful and effective method of applying sound to the body, including accu-points, trigger and reflex points, bone, muscle and tendons to help tonify Qi or disperse Qi to help relieve pain and attune the body on a cellular level.

Benefits of Tuning Forks:

  • Tunes natural cycles of the body
  • Unites passages, aids digestion
  • Natural anti-inflammatory
  • Increases bone density and promotes healing of strained muscle, tendon and ligaments
  • Nervous system balanced
  • Great for sound sleep

Tuning Fork therapy facilitates:

  • Balance and homeostasis in the body
  • Opens energetic pathways, alleviating stasis and relieving pain
  • Relaxes muscle tension
  • Keeps stress and anxiety balance

Add-On Service Only - $25

($35 - Saturdays)

Hand & Foot Reflexology

Rooted in ancient Chinese medicine, different body parts correspond with different pressure points on the body.

Maps of these points, on the hands &/or feet, are used to determine where pressure should be applied.

The belief is that the Reflexologist's touch sends energy flowing through a person’s body until it reaches the area in need of healing.

I offer either Hand, or Foot Reflexology, or a Combination of both.

Add-On Service Only

30 mins - Hands or Feet - $40

($50 - Saturdays)

Earthing Therapy

The earth beneath your feet provides you with food, water, &  also something very surprising - electrons! 

When you touch the ground with your bare feet or body, the electrons flow into you. This is called “grounding.”

The earth’s surface has a limitless supply of mobile electrons giving the ground we walk on, lakes & oceans, a natural negative electric charge.

Without a connection to the earth, the cells in our body are unable to balance the positive charge within.

Since we live in a modern society, we can't always get "grounded" outside like our ancestors did, but we can use Earthing products (i.e.  grounding mats) to get grounded indoors!

Please watch the short documentary called "The Earthing Movie", found on YouTube, and visit to learn more about the various products.

Some benefits of Earthing & Grounding:

  • Regulates hormones
  • Decreases blood pressure
  • Slows the aging process
  • Improved immune function
  • Recovery from adrenal fatigue
  • Reduces pain & inflammation
  • Decreases stress & anxiety
  • Accelerates recovery & healing
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases energy

Available upon request!

~ Complimentary service ~


  • A 50% deposit (for total of the appt.) is required to hold all reservations, unless otherwise agreed upon by the owner.  
  •  Please contact me to pay the deposit, within 24 hours of your reservation being created. When possible, I prefer to use Venmo, ApplePay, or Zelle, for this deposit.  If those are unavailable to you, I will accept a check mailed to me, no later than by the next day
  • This deposit is non-refundable.  
  • Minimum massage appointment duration is 90 minutes. Unless otherwise agreed upon by the therapist, for special circumstances.
  • I am willing to make exceptions to this rule, on an individual basis.

"No-Show" &

Late Cancellations/

Rescheduling  Policy 

  • Please reschedule no less than 48 hours in advance of your appointment, so I have a chance to fill the void left in my schedule.

  • If you cancel your appointment (without rescheduling), or if you No-Show to your appointment, you forfeit your deposit.
  • If you reschedule your appointment, your deposit goes towards the next appointment set.
  • You can reschedule your appointment a total of 2 times using the same deposit. However, if you need to reschedule the same appointment a 3rd time, you will need to supply a new (2nd) deposit to hold that appointment.
  • The remaining amount will be paid at time of service, along with your optional gratuity.
  • I accept either cash, credit, Venmo, ApplePay, or Zelle at time of service.

Thank you kindly for your cooperation!

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